My Gratitude to

Su Dennett, Meg Ulman, David Holmgren and the Melliodora Community

Ben Falloon Taranaki Farm

Rhiannon, Chris and Allan Yeomans

Patrick Jones, Woody and Zero  Tree Elbow University

Lucas Lhlein  

University of Wollongong

Eric Luyckx  

Graines de Vie

Cécile Thibaut, Fabian Féraux and Jean Cédric Jacmart  

Desnié Farm

Eline Pont, Zoé Roger, Louis Larock, Peter Van Mol and Aurore Thiry 

Larock biodynamic farm

Many Thanks for your support

Michel Dechamps

 My brother, co-writer for the script.

Hassan Lahrech   

Location Sound Recording, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer and drone pilot in Australia

Joyce Gomez

Singer-songwriter generic

Find out more about Joyce and her brand new album, “Through the Silence”

She’s got a stunning video supporting her new single « I’m only human »

Charlie Mgee and the formidable vegetable

He offers us an original live recording with his song “Trees Eat Us All”

This song belongs to  the album ‘Earth People Fair’

Listen to permaculture funk-swing album

Enjoy his  music video

Nicolas Van Dooren 

Music mixer

To all students, their enthusiasm, their relevant questions.

Enjoy your life

Luc Dechamps Copyright Studio Moringa. May 2020